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Amaran AL-H198/H198C

Amaran H198 CRI95+

CRI95+ for A Natural, Pure Color

The Amaran AL-H198/H198C illuminates using top-of-the-line

color rendering CRI95+ LEDs. The color accuracy is perfect

even without PS. This fine color makes it easy to capture the

finer details in color-critical shooting applications.

Amaran H198 CRI95+

Intense Illumination

With 198 60-degree-angle LEDs in a compact panel,

this small led video light shines with an 

exceptionally even and stable brightness output of 

up to 3,430lux. It’s a superior tool for shooting interviews

or film, especially in narrow environments where one

may not have the space or time for traditional led video lights. 

Amaran H198 led video light
Amaran H198 Light performance
Amaran H198 led video light


Up to nine led panels can be affixed together to gain a 

larger, softer and more intense light. The slim and 

frameless design without borderline partitions 

means that when lights are combined, there is no

leak in light.

Amaran H198 led video light

Solid ¼” Universal
Hot Shoe Mount

Amaran AL-H198/H198C comes with a

metal ball-head swivel mount so you can 

position your panel to the top of a HDV, 

DSLR, camcorder or even traditional 

stand. Also, even with more led panels 

attached to a single unit, the mount still 

works perfectly because the unit 

supports up to 2.7kg of weight.

Amaran H198 1/4
CRI 95+

Reliable Battery Power

Choose to power your AL-198 with either six AA batteries or any replaceable lithium battery (Sony

 F/FM/QM). Four LEDs clearly display the remaining battery life.

Amaran H198 Power

Seamlessly Adjust the Intensity and Color Temperature

The Amaran’s brightness wheel allows you to manually dim or intensify the power of your light. The 

Amaran AL-H198C can also adjust color temperature precisely by turning the kelvin wheel. It’s a light 

that works just as hard as you do. 

aputure light panel
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