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Pro Coworker II Timer Remote

Product Overview

Pro Coworker II is a wireless intervalometer designed for precise control over time lapse exposures. Set the self 

timer, exposure length,frequency, and picture count from the palm of your hand. It also allows continuous shooting or bulb exposures. Time can be preset  from 1 second up to 99 hours. The LCD panel is backlit for night time 

shooting convenience. 

Pro Coworker II Wireless Intervalometer

        Four In One Functions

      Wireless remote, wired remote, wireless timer remote, wired timer remote. 

Pro Coworker II Functions

Pro Coworker II 2.4G

 Strong Wireless Signal 

  • Uses 2.4G radio frequency for a steady signal
  • Range up to 100 meters
  • Choose up to 99 channels to avoid interference with others. 

Pro Coworker II 2.4G

    Replaceable Shutter Cable 

      Use different shutter cables to suit more cameras. It makes the wired remote control more interesting.

Pro Coworker II Replaceable  Cable

   Detailed LCD Screen 

    Provides all relevant data, including mode, self timer, exposure time, interval, picture count, and also battery life and clock time. 

Pro Coworker II LCD

   Clock Display 

    LCD also features a clock display. Keep track of your shooting time and never be late again. 

Pro Coworker II Lock Display

   Button Lock Mode

  •      Lock the buttons - don't worry about mistakes. 
  •      Long press the lock key, and the lock icon will be displayed. 
         Note: when using wired, this mode can lock all buttons except the shutter release button.

Pro Coworker II Lock Mode
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